A Board made of eucalyptus, with an unusual natural pattern, inspired me to create this story. A section of an oval-shaped branch with cracks turned into a lemon; the woman's profile also appeared in place of the natural pattern on the wood in the form of rings. So the whole scene gradually grew. Since the work was created at a time when almost the entire world lived in isolation, the plot Willy-nilly reflected this: the bored image of a girl, and a disgruntled cat sitting on her lap under the table, and a medical mask on a clothesline instead of summer dresses. But the picture is still not dull and bright. After all, life goes on, outside the window is summer, sun and grace. The work is written in the author's technique with oil paints and covered with varnish for art works. The picture is artificially aged and looks worn, it will fit perfectly into the narrow walls of the interior, for example, between the doors or Windows. The red-brown tones prevailing in the work are the natural color of eucalyptus wood. Having high strength and biostability ( this material is practically not affected by fungi and insects), it is also an excellent basis for paintings, and not only a material for construction, as is common in the homeland of the tree, Australia.

Dimensions, cm 157/25/2
Weight, kg 6.4
76 800,00 ₽/840,69 $/774,93 €/6 072,2 ¥