Admit it, your first thought was about Bambi? However, the deer is not just a beautiful animal. It is an ancient symbol-a symbol of rebirth and renewal, strength and nobility, courage and purity, piety and piety — a symbol of the human soul. To have such a picture at home is very good for all people and especially for those who have a deer as a totem animal. The painting was done on a wooden plank with oil paints in the author's technique and varnished for artwork. Natural sections of knots and the texture of natural wood suggested the plot of the picture. The wooden plank has an irregular shape. The picture is artificially aged and looks worn.The image is on the sides of the wooden plank. The picture is suitable for decorating a living room, hall, bedroom, children's room.

Dimensions, cm 21.5/18.5/2
Weight, kg 0.35
5 600,00 ₽/61,11 $/56,66 €/437,87 ¥