Anyone who has been to the sea will not forget the feeling, the smell, the movement of the air that arise from the big water. This painting is a tribute to my memories of the Canary Islands and the Atlantic. I remember one day when the water was absolutely calm and all flooded with sunlight. The only thing I didn't have then was a long dress, which I really regret. Because there is hardly a more romantic place in the world where it is appropriate to stay in a long fluttering dress than the coast of the sea or the ocean. If you are a romantic, love to travel or are looking for a picture of calm water for your Feng Shui interior, then this work is for you. The painting was done on a wooden plank with oil paints in the author's technique and varnished for artwork. The texture of natural wood suggested the plot of the picture. The wooden plank has an irregular shape. The picture is artificially aged and looks worn.The image is on the sides of the wooden plank. The picture is suitable for decorating a living room, hall, bedroom, children's room.

Dimensions, cm 30.5/34/3.5
Weight, kg 1.7
18 400,00 ₽/200,79 $/186,16 €/1 438,7 ¥