Despite the name, the fishes are not the main characters in the picture. In the foreground is a Japanese youth. And this is no accident. Carp are able to swim against the current, so this fish represents perseverance and strength. In General, this symbol means willpower, achievement of goals and is perceived as a male symbol. Carp live for 200 years - they also symbolize longevity. In European countries, the image of a goldfish is associated with Japanese carp and is a symbol of good luck, fulfillment of wishes and wealth. Therefore, no matter what culture you belong to, this picture will be appropriate in your interior. The painting was done on a wooden plank with oil paints in the author's technique and varnished for artwork. The wooden plank has an irregular shape. The picture is artificially aged and looks worn. The picture is suitable for decoration of the living room, hall, bedroom with elements of Japanese style.

Dimensions, cm 29.5/14.5/2
Weight, kg 0.8
7 800,00 ₽/85,12 $/78,91 €/609,88 ¥