These lush flowers, which decorated the gardens of the emperors of China as early as 200 years BC, can now be found in any front garden. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, live or painted peonies attract positive energy and have a beneficial effect on the room. If they are placed in the work sector, the person will begin to move up the career and social ladder. If you put a bouquet of peonies in the living room, an unmarried girl will quickly meet her soulmate. Peonies attract love and passion. The painting was done on a wooden plank with oil paints in the author's technique and varnished for artwork. Branch cuts and the texture of natural wood suggested the plot of the picture. The plank has an elongated shape. The picture is artificially aged and looks worn. The image is on the sides of the wooden plank. The picture is suitable for decorating a living room, hall, bedroom, children's room, kitchen. It fits in narrow partitions or columns.

Dimensions, cm 29/22/3
Weight, kg 2.3
22 200,00 ₽/242,25 $/224,6 €/1 735,83 ¥