Images of birds do not rarely appear in my works. This time I drew two pelicans. The Pelican symbolizes self-sacrifice and parental love, as well as charity. He was identified with the image of Christ. There is a legend that the Pelican in times of famine is able to feed the Chicks with their blood and flesh. Science has not found confirmation of this legend, but there are many examples of this story in the history of Christian art. For a long time in a number of countries, the image of a Pelican feeding its body to hungry cubs has become the emblem of monastic orphanages. In mosaics and stained-glass Windows of temples, in sculptures and bas-reliefs, in paintings and even in rewards related to medicine and charity, you can see the image of a Pelican feeding its Chicks. The painting was done on a wooden plank with oil paints in the author's technique and varnished for artwork. Natural sections of knots and the texture of natural wood suggested the plot of the picture. The image is located not only on the front side of the plank, but also on the sides. The picture is suitable for decoration of the living room, hall, children's room or bedroom. The thickness of the wooden plank allows you to put the picture on the shelf without hanging on the wall.

Dimensions, cm 20/29.5/3.5
Weight, kg 0.9
16 000,00 ₽/174,6 $/161,88 €/1 251,05 ¥