Sometimes the shape of the Board poses a difficult task. In this case, I got out of the situation by drawing two fantastic birds on a branch. I remember that the idea was influenced by a book about birds that caught my eye. But my birds do not exist in nature, they are invented. Therefore, the picture looks more decorative. It is made on a Board with oil paints in the author's technique and is covered with varnish for artistic works. The Board has an irregular shape. The natural texture of natural wood emerges through paint and varnish. The image is located not only on the front side of the Board, but also on the sides. The painting is suitable for decorating the living room, children's room or bedroom. It will fit in narrow piers and on columns. Exact dimensions in cm: 25/111/3/114

Dimensions, cm 114/25/3
Weight, kg 2.3
31 700,00 ₽/345,92 $/320,72 €/2 478,63 ¥