This is one of my favorite paintings. The topic of motherhood already touched me at the time it was created. When I picked up the board, I saw the outline of a woman's face. Then everything came up easily by itself. I didn't draw the pupils intentionally, because I didn't want to give a certain direction to her gaze. When a woman holds her baby to her breast, she is happy, she feels oneness with the child, and her thoughts are turned inward. I pictured the moment when the mother experiences her quiet happiness. The painting was done on a wooden plank with oil paints in the author's technique and varnished for artwork. The natural texture of natural wood is visible in areas that are not covered with paint, resulting in an image of the face and hands. The image is located not only on the front side of the wooden plank, but also on the sides. The picture is artificially aged and looks scuffed. The picture is suitable for decoration of a living room, hall or bedroom.

Dimensions, cm 47/27.5/3
Weight, kg 2.2
31 900,00 ₽/348,1 $/322,74 €/2 494,27 ¥